"When I updated the firmware on my Xperia Neo phone, a new piece of software got installed called Wisepilot," writes Tarmo, "it looked interesting, but the EULA stated that I only have the right to use it on iPhone or iPod touch."


"I spotted this in a plumbing supply store called Sanidirect," writes Lucas van Dongen, "it wasn't the only one; at least a quarter of all labels just said 'category_name is niet gedef' (Dutch for 'category_name is not defined')."


"My bank sent this Annual Privacy Notice," wrote Mike Ohlsen, "but I'm sure it worked on some developer's machine."


"I was greeted with this while installing a tax package the other day," notes Sam, "all of those are real checkboxes and there is no 'check all' or 'select all' button. I spent a lot of time clicking."


"I don't know if the way I answered all the preceding questions in this survey had anything to do with unlocking the secret question (top answer, top answer, bottom answer, bottom answer, one on left, then on the right, followed by the left, and again on the right, then B, then A, then B, and finally A)," wrote Jordan T, "but while taking a survey about alcochol, I unlocked this page. It gave me (psuedo-)power to fulfill my destiny as I see fit."


Michiel found this billboard in Barcelona.


"This was one of the stranger ads I've seen for antivirus software," Jakub Kania wrote.


Marcus Bointon appreciated this list of options when submitting an item for sale on Amazon.


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