Some companies spare no expense to make sure they get all of their money. Apparently, Windstream Communications is no exception as, a few months back, Aaron's company received this stern disconnection notice via Certified Mail...

"I would have gladly cut a $0.38 check (and spent $0.41 to mail it out)," Aaron added, "but I had no idea which of our many Windstream accounts this applied to. After several calls and messages left, I finally got a call back. The Windstream rep told me that it was a billing mistake, and that the note should never have been sent out. Gee, ya think?."

"The rep added that, if I ever get a similar note, I should just ignore it. Yes, Windstream -- our T-1 provider for several mission critical point to points -- told me to just ignore a disconnect notice on bright yellow paper that comes via Certified Mail. I suppose I should just ignore it when they shut down our point to points because of a billing error, as well.

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