Being the end of the year and all, I thought it'd be appropriate to name the "Post of the Year." But, since that would involve trudging through a year's worth of posts, I decided instead to revisit the classic Brillant Paula Bean ...

Heidi S and Michael Hanson's employer was building an enterprise shipping/warehousing system but didn't have enough in-house resources to do it. One of the contractors they brought in to help fill the gaps was Paula, an "experienced Java programmer with strong knowledge of the shipping industry." For the first few months, things seemed to be going pretty well. At the weekly status meetings, Paula would report that good progress had been made and that things were looking good for the deadline.

But as the deadline loomed closer, Paula reported that she was running into a lot of difficulties and would need some additional resources to finish up her piece. When Heidi and Michael came in to help, they realized how gross of an understatement "some" was. Following is all of the code Paula had written for the application ...

package test;

public class paulaBean {

  private String paula = "Brillant";

  public String getPaula() {
    return paula;
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