I’m not a fan of traffic enforcement cameras, especially as they're implemented here in Ohio and other states. There’s just something that seems a bit off about turning a criminal infraction into a “civil violation” so that some company can issue, process, and offer even offer an administrative “appeal procedure” for these violations, all while getting a large cut of each one.

Of course, maybe I’m just a bit too cynical about this. After all, proponents say that cameras keep us safe and that the millions of dollars in extra revenue is just gravy. Besides, computer systems don’t lie and there are always trusted personnel issuing these violations to ensure that justice is served… right?

At least, this certainly was the case for Thomas. A traffic enforcement camera in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa snapped a picture of his Volkswagen Polo clearly traveling in excess of the posted 60 km/h limit...

And after a careful review of the evidence, the Plettenberg Bay Traffic Department sent him a summons for this violation.

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