Karsten wrote, "seeing the whole undergound train shut down and reboot during the ride was a bit scary."


"I just bashed a few keys at random when doing a Google search to check my connectivity," writes Ben, "it looks like the Dartington College of Arts (a real school, I should note!) is really making the most of their Google sponsorship and selling themselves well."


"I guess it did certainly take 'a while' for the scan to run," J. Pablo Fernández wrote, "but I'm surprised it advises me to immediately scan again."


"This came up at the local A&P grocery store," Chris R notes, "I'm sure glad I'm a Bonus Club member!"


"Hopefully I am able to make it to a Best Buy store before 123," wrote Cav, "I don't want my coupons to expire! Although, to their credit, they have known about this since 1."


"Check out our great free books," Ben Horton writes, "there only $4.47 each!"


[Someone.Frgt.To.Fill.Ths.In] (from Paul Schnei)


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