The days of manual deployments to network PCs are almost gone. Tools like SMS, Group Policy, and One-Click Deployment make it a lot easier to apply updates and deploy software to client PCs on a network.

Pete's company either doesn't trust or isn't aware of such tools, however. Pete works at the company responsible for Annual About Security. That's right, this is the same company that had users reset their passwords by email a few months back. In short, Network Operations had requested that all users reply to a companywide email with their desired new passwords, each of which would then be manually entered, one by one, by the network administrator.

This time, the network administrators were planning to physically walk to each terminal at the office, enter the username and password of the user, and manually copy some shortcuts on to the desktop.

From: Network Operations
Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2007 1:04 PM
To: All Staff
Subject: Network Password
Importance: High

To All:

In order to prepare for the rollout of the new .NET system we
will need to install an icon pointing to the new system on each
user's TS desktop and will need your network login password to
make this change. The icon to connect to the new system has been
installed on your  "LOCAL" desktop and on ALL workstation at our
remote sites. I ask all those who receive this e-mail to PLEASE
send me your network login password... We would like to have
everyone's password by Wednesday and ask for your help, by
replying as soon as possible. If anyone has any questions or if I
missed anyone, please let me know....

Thank you for your continued cooperation......
Network Operations

I wonder how many users hit the "Reply All" button to respond.

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