I haven't posted anything from my personal collection of WTF in quite a while, so here's something that I came across a little while back. It's (naturally) from a VBScript ASP page developed by some folks who just didn't quite understand the proper way of naming (or, for that matter, using) variables. I think this snippet (from a validation routine) speaks for itself ...

 dim blnIsValid
 dim blnIsValid2
'ED: Snip
if Request("ccab") = "11004" then blnIsValid = "true" end if if getVal("documentType")="NVA" then blnIsValid = "true2" end if
'ED: Snip
if blnIsValid2 = true and getVal("requiredApprovalCode")="1300" then objUserForm.Controls("ApprovalList").Param3 = true end if

Yes, that's right. There is blnIsValid and blnIsValid2, both which appear to be booleans. The former, however, is a tristate, allowing for the strings "true", "false", and "true2". These worked together, along with user control properties such as "Param3" (that, by the way, works just like "Required", but doesn't require admin users to enter a value), to form a rather ... unique ... system.

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