"While shopping for dishwashers," Eric Steele writes, "I came across a dishwasher that had a somewhat unexpected accessory."


"What a sweet bargain at Mac's Pizza Shack," Chris writes, "I mean, maybe you're supposed to write in your savings, right?


"I was looking for some spark plugs on eBay," writes Mike H, "and right-clicked on a product code. Who knew that was such a serious offense?"


"I thought I would be helpful and give some feedback on my hotel stay," Aaron Bingham writes, "but somehow, the effort of writing a review containing precisely 100 words exceeded my patience threshhold."


"Wait a sec," writes Richard, "did I miss the meeting where they introduced lower case numbers?"


"Worst... Girl's Night Out... Ever." Nathan commented.


"The most surprising thing about this is how little traffic there is on a fairly major road," writes Sharon.


"I saw this sticker on a a food service window," writes Shane Walters, "I can only wonder if their web-based complaints are down since using this sticker."


"I have never subscribed to this newsletter, but still received it," wrote Mary, "at the end though, it does tell me I am not a subscriber...or am subscribed...or then again, not...?"


"Whoops, I totally made a typo in my email address," writes Stephan Grieger, "now all I have to do now is cancel this modal dialog and... oh wait!"


"This was on a survey I was required to complete for Case Western, the top tier school in my field," Dan Videc writes, "they need to hire more IT guys."


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