"I came across a device on the network running on our old IP range," Landy Bible writes, "since we are still trying to migrate things, I decided to try and figure out what was. After running NMAP, I discovered that telnet was open. I opened up a telnet session hoping to find clues as to what the device was. Following is the output from that session."

- IBM Network Card for Fast Ethernet 10/100BaseTX AppleTalk/NetWare/TCP Printer Server -

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                           All Rights Reserved.


Welcome to IBM Network Card for Fast Ethernet 10/100BaseTX

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Please refer to your User Manual



"No wonder Circuit City has found it self in such financial troubles," D.H. commented, "it's probably not a good idea to mark things down by 98%."


In fact, it's probably best to make up "deals" like this one that Erik found at a local Super One: 10/$10 or 49 cents each.


"I saw this in Google Reader," Noah writes, "I'm pretty sure it's not the right picture..."


"I got this error message on my Lenovo X60 tablet PC while going from the normal to tablet mode," James Johnston wrote. "It left me wondering, (1) What does the display have to do with the WAN card?, (2) why is the display mode prevented from changing when the WAN card is active? (3) I don't have a WAN card; why is this appearing, claiming I have an active WAN card? (4) why is secondary landscape in particular the impossible mode when a WAN card (if it only existed in my tablet) is active? I'm confused."


"When I wanted to delete a document from our internal Forge system," wrote T.F., "I was confronted with this nice choice. "


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