"I can't argue with that logic," wrote John Noble.


"I found this on Carnival Cruise's website," Mike T wrote, "you know what they say, Carnival's got the fun!\B\B\B\B\B\B\B\B\B\B\B \B\B\B\B\B\B\B\B\B\B\B\ B\B\B\B\B\B\B\B\B\B\B\B\ B\B\B\B\B\B\B\B\B\B\B\B\B \B\B\B\B\B\B\B\B\B"


"Really?" wondered Joe Newton, "it took a degree in climatology to figure that a drought is caused by no rain?"


"I received this while trying to activate some software," wrote Anthony T., "maybe the valve on my network pipe was not open all the way."


"The only thing better than an 18 year old single malt is an 18 year old single malt on sale," Craig Lamb writes, "hey... wait a sec! Oh well, at least it's still an 18 year old single malt."


Pari Gandhi bought a baby bottle cleaner brush with some rather interesting instructions on the back.


"I got this while trying to login to a website," Ian Breslin, "I'm not used to getting terms of endearment from a website, but it's a nice touch."


"I took this pic at a nightclub in sunny Guildford, Surrey," Keith Judge wrote, "I'm not entirely sure what the error is trying to tell me."



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