"All I want to do was take out some cash at the Huntsville, Alabama airport," Monty wrote, "unfortunately, I wasn't quite prepared and my brain threw a Divide_By_Zero error."


"That's quite a lot of growth," Joe Butler writes, "in two weeks, no less!"


"Media Monkey threw this at me a few minutes ago," Bruce wrote, "and now I'm paralyzed with uncertanty."


"It's always good to see when a programmer catches exceptions," Maren writes, "it's even better when that programmer displays his/her own whit when recovering from not-being-able-to-retrieve-the-mission-description exception!"


"I always like to read more details about random errors my computer gives me," David Litster wrote, "Flex Builder 3 did not dissapoint with this wealth of information."


Adriano writes, "I have a feeling that it'll be a while before I can get through all my email."


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