"I saw this at about 1AM on our local free station," Henk wrote, "I guess being a television station has its perks when it comes to getting the message out there?"


Danny V spotted this at BonTon.


"I was loading some data into Salesforce and was presented with this progress dialog," Andy Max writes, "I think I'll need some more tea."


C.B. shares yet another message from the Oracle 11g client installer.


"The legalese that financial institutions send out is mostly incomprehensible," writes Andy Isaacson, "DirectLoans took it a step further when they sent me this."


"Don't alter anything below the line?" Bryan Cook writes, "looks like they don't want me paying extra this month."


"I wish I could remember the answer to this particular security question," wrote David B. "maybe USAjobs.gov is 'secured' by TSA?"


"I'm not sure what kind of customers thesharperedge.co.uk are looking for," writes Mike Bramble, "but suffice to say I fit into one of the 'The' suffixes."


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