"Hmmm," Michael pondered, "the 4-minute Shrimp takes 10 minutes to prep and 7 minutes to cook... maybe it only takes 4 minutes to eat?"


"After waiting fifteen minutes for a bus at my local station," Johnno writes, "I figured that there was something wrong. I checked the sign for delays and, as I thought, the bus timedout."


"Every time I refreshed the page," Arlen Phillips wrote, "the number of seconds I was told to wait grew by exactly 6000000000000000000. I gave up after at 156000000000000000000 seconds, which, according Google, is slightly under 5 trillion years. I can wait, I guess..."


Dotan Cohen (דותן כהן) received this great tip. "Had I known this," he added, "I might have tried something different."


YK appreciated that the Hong Kong airport puts a serious effort in testing cleaniness.


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