"I've heard about verified by Visa, but this is something new," writes Velmu.


"Well then," Simon Timms wrote, "it might take some time to fill in all those arguments."


"I guess a 25% price increase is a good reason to be wowed," Steve Frein writes.


"I was recording some drums with my keyboard, and all of a sudden this came up," Jonathan Flusser wrote, "apparently it has to do with the Trash, and it's very hard to do!"


"I cancelled my free trial," notes Frederick Ding, "but I'd love to be paid $10/month for using 0 MB."


"I saw this at a pay station in a parking in Barcelona, Spain," Riccardo Zanussi writes, "I don't know if I really want to put my credit card in this machine."


"I found this in a book about iPhone programming," writes Mike Kerley, "the rest of the book seems to have received an equal amount of attention to detail."


"At first I thought this was just another way to ask me to enter 1," Nick S. W. noted, "but then it popped up when I entered 1. Is there another integer I'm forgetting about?"


Ryan Schlesinger writes, "I went looking for information about the iPhone release for Telus and found this instead."


"This left me in a bit of a quandary," wrote Dominic, "to install, or not to install?"


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