Let's take a quick tour of certain programmers' remarkable abilities to take things so simple and turn them into WTF ...

First up, and I must say this one takes the cake, is from Billy. As some background, these constants were defined in every class in the Java project. These were used throughout the system in place of their primitive boolean counterparts ...

public static final String TRUE = "true";
public static final String FALSE = "not true";

I see a lot of strange attempts at answering the perplexing question of whether or not a given number is negative. This particular solution that Bob came across while debugging code has to be most creative ...

function isNegative( n ) {
  return n != 0 && n / Math.abs( n ) == -1

And finally, David Grant shares with this quirky piece of validation code ...

if ((this.txtLastName.Text=="")!=(this.txtFirstName.Text==""))
  boolIsValid = false;
  vldSearch.ErrorMessage = "The First and Last names are required to conduct a search.";

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