"I thought I'd be a little geeky-romantic with my girlfriend and write a sweet note to her," Jonathan writes, "however, it seems Amazon.com did not really like the idea and suspected '<3' as being malicious."


"I'm not a retail sales expert or anything," notes Chris, "but I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to make a big deal out over price increases."


"Some developers use the :-( emoticon when bad things happen," Melissa writes, "the folks behind Yahoo! Messenger, however, chose the incredibly excited smiley guy when your install is unsuccessful."


"This is from our school's Preliminary Physics textbook," Sarah J. writes, "and there's actually a few more of these scattered throughout the book where equations should be. That's not to mention typos such as 'radioactiv`u4y' on almost every page. Maybe they need to think about investing in a proofreader."


Rich F. discovered HSBC's clever way of saying 24-hour service...


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