"I spotted this in Pembroke, Ontario," reports Karl Zimmerman, "does this sign imply that Canada has a somewhat different 802.11 standard from everyone else?"


"Given the recession," Adam wrote, "I felt great when I saw the 'Open Box' sticker and imagined the savings I could get on that ... erm ... waitasec..."


"Apparently," Lonnie T notes, "the ball has more technology than the design software."


"Apparently,"Sean Larsen writes, "OfficeMax has some sort of magic flash drives."


"Put first part of quote here," writes Jeff Rife, "the second part here."


"I guess I'll have to choose a shorter installation path next time," notes Motti, "clearly, 'V:\vs8' is much longer than the default 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8'"


"I'm not a mathologist or anything," Ed T writes, "but I'm pretty sure a smaller number cannot exceed a larger number."


"I spotted this on a gas pump in Tennessee while driving cross country," Alexander Underhill notes, "it was on pump #13, and there were no similar signs on any of the other pumps. This leads me to believe that every other pump printed to its own printer, but both 13 and 14 print to 14. I'm really not sure what kind of error would cause this."


"Just in time for summer," Martin writes, "now you're cooking with... usb??"


"I got this message when refreshing a page on YouTube," Mat D writes, "I'd call Shenanigans, but looks like I was beaten to the punch."


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