"Thank goodness this bicycle I'm borrowing still works after Y2K," Robin Sheat notes, "I can't even imagine the programmer-hours required to bring it up to spec."


Google's CSS How-To didn't inspire a whole lot of confidence in Stephen Schwarz.


"This error pops up every now and then," Jeff Pitcrew writes, "and this one in particular happened on May 1st. I do respect that they programmed their licensing to be flexible enough for two millennia in, presumably, either direction."


"Hmmmm," Jeremy Vanderburg pondered, "I've never heard of this sequel before... but who can keep up with such things these days."


Tyler Menezes notes, "apparently null wasn't the answer."


"I normally wouldn't send in all-too-common 500-Error," Brian Reiter wrote, "but this error from the website of Chicago Public Radio's This American Life is a head-scratcher on several levels."


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