Ludwig Von Anon sent in some code from the UI component of a large, multi-platform system he has the pleasure of working on. At first glance, the code didn't seem all too bad ...

procedure SelectFontIntoDC(Integer a) begin
 declare fonthandle fh;
 if (gRedraw is not false) then begin
   fh = CreateFontIndirect(gDC);
   SelectObject(gDC, fh);

Seems fairly normal, right? Certainly nothing that meets our ... standards. Of course, when you factor in the name of the codefile (which ends in ".c") and the header included throughout the entire project ("pascal.h"), I think it becomes pretty apparent that we're entering Whiskey Tango Foxtrot country:

#define procedure void
#define then
#define is
#define not !=
#define begin {
#define end }

Yeeeeeeeee Haw!  Sorry, just can't get enough of Mr. Burleson.

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