As our friends at HIRED will attest, finding a good workplace is tough, for both the employee and the employer. Fortunately, when it comes looking for developer talent, Inedo has a bit of an advantage: in addition to being a DevOps products company, we publish The Daily WTF.

Not too long ago, I shared a Support Analyst role here and ended up hiring fellow TDWTF Ben Lubar to join the Inedo team. He's often on the front lines, supporting our customer base; but he's also done some interesting dev projects as well (including a Source Gear Vault to Git migration tool).

Today, we're looking for another developer to work from our Cleveland office. Our code is all in .NET, but we have a lot of integrations; so if you can write C# fairly comfortably but know Docker really well, then that's a great fit. The reason is that, as a software product company that builds tools for other developers, you'll do more than just write C# - in fact, a big part of the job will be resisting the urge to write mountains of code that don't actually solve a real problem. More often than not, a bit of support, a tutorial, an extension/plug-in, and better documentation go a heck of a lot further than new core product code.

We do have a couple of job postings for the position (one on, the other on Indeed), and you're welcome to read those to get a feel for the actual bullet points. But if you're reading this and are interested in learning more, you can use the VIP line and bypass the normal process: just shoot me an email directly at apapadimoulis at inedo dot com with "[TDWTF/Inedo] .NET Developer" as the subject and your resume attached.

Oh, we're also looking for a Community Manager, to help with both The Daily WTF and Inedo communities. So if you know anyone who might be interested in that, send them my way!

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