So, it's a holiday in the US, and I'll be honest: the way I pick my holiday posts is by hitting the "Random Article" button until something fun pops out. And this time around, it gave me something to be thankful for: that this remains "The Daily WTF" and not… something Worse Than Failure. --Remy

Final Update: thankfully this is all nothing but an embarrassing memory.

As you can probably tell by now, The Daily WTF is now named Worse Than Failure. Don’t worry – nothing else is changing – it’s still the same ole’ WTF.

UPDATE: A more indepth explanation of why I picked Worse Than Failure is avaiable here: What Could Possibly be Worse Than Failure?

That said, there were a few reasons that I wanted to rename the site, perhaps the biggest being that “Daily” and “What The F*” don’t quite describe it anymore. Thanks to Derrick (CodeSOD) and Jake (Error'd) – and of course, all of you for contributing such great stories – I’ve been able to publish a few articles each day, not all of which are WTFs.

Another reason for the change is that I’ve got some fun ideas kicking around that I’d like to try out, the first of which will be a programming contest. No, it won’t be another IOCCC; it’ll be something different. More to come on that soon.

And yet another reason is a bit more personal. Now I’ve never really thought of the acronym “WTF” as a vulgarity, more a description of that uncontrollable reaction after seeing something like The File Matrix. But a lot of people in the “real world” don’t quite share that sentiment. Especially my relatives:

“So do you still write that website ... oh, what did you call it? Daily something? The Daily?”

“The Daily W-T-F?”

“Ah yes. I can never remember, what does W-T-F stand for again?”

“Well, Grandma, it’s actually a computer-geek-online-internet word and well, err, it sounds bad, but it really isn’t bad, and err, umm –”

And then I stumble on for another minute painfully trying to avoid saying – or even suggesting – the F-word. So you see, the rename avoids this whole awkward moment. Now it’s just, “yeah, I still write Worse Than Failure.”

But just to reiterate, this is only a change in appearance. The focus of the site will remain identical – Curious Perversions in Information Technology – and Jake, Derrick, and I still will keep sharing your submissions and telling your stories. Thanks for reading, and see ya back on Monday!

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