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  • Bryan W (unregistered)

    Sounds all too familiar. It took me over a year at my current job as the lead developer before I realized why the network and hardware guys (headed by an ancient IT manager) could not successfully deploy any utility, process, update, or process that we sent their way. I finally figured out that no matter what instructions were sent in the emails attached to the deployment, the IT Manager was NEVER reading past the first couple of lines. If you put anything important in the 2nd paragraph, he would ALWAYS ask a question later that made it obvious he didn't read the whole email.

    The only solution for a successful deployment was to limit all instructions to no more than 3 short steps that were numbered 1 through 3. Anything beyond this and they would not read the instructions.

  • James (unregistered)

    New to me, and funny. So there.

  • Anone (unregistered) in reply to North Bus
    North Bus:
    My favorite use of Wingdings... attempting to pass it off as "arcane symbols", even by a major gaming company. [image] (Knowing Sierra, it could have been sarcasm. This is QFG5, though, so the majority of talent had already jumped ship.)


  • Emtucifor (unregistered)

    No one wants to talk about the "INSTAL GUIDEy" in the sample wingdings picture given in the page?

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