• Jake Vinson (unregistered)

    I noticed the gay MP3s before noticing how bad the UI is.

  • Jacques (unregistered)

    Gotta admit, it takes skill to manage all 3000 UI elements at once. ;)

  • David (unregistered)

    That is awesome. I love the RAM on the top of the window.

  • OmegaSupreme (unregistered)

    LOL Bingoboys.

  • olle (unregistered)
  • Mike Dunn (unregistered)

    Good ol' IArchitect. I'd wondered what happened to that site. Whenever I need cheering up I just read the review of Lotus Notes. ;)

  • Stephen H. (unregistered)

    I've always wanted an application that had support for the numbers 21 through 40. Thanks!

    See you on sesame street!

  • Stephen H. (unregistered)

    Oops. Numbers 15-30.

  • Bil Simser (unregistered)

    You mean this isn't the way to code a UI? Pity. It's a great way to get everything on the screen at once so the customer doesn't have to worry about those "silly" dialogs. They're such a nusiance.

  • Steve Hall (unregistered)

    The "Active File" and "Inactive File" lists contain entirely too much wasted white-space! Why there's enough room to fit AT LEAST another 2 dozen buttons in that acerage of unused pixels!

    And what's with all that 8 and 10 point text?!?!?! If 6 point fonts were used everywhere, that could provide us with ANOTHER 2-3 dozen buttons/checkboxes!

    BTW, was this rendered on a measily 1024x768 or 1280x1024 screen? Shame, shame, shame! I'm SURE a 1600x1200 resolution would provide the opportunity to DOUBLE the number of controls!

    Hhuummmm....this reminds me of what some stock/commodity trading apps look like...

  • BradK (unregistered)

    Does this run some kind of robotic equipment in a factory from hell ? What exactly does "weld" do ? To clarify, what does the first weld button do. It's obvious what the second weld button does. wtf ?

  • T1TAN (unregistered)

    HOLY C*AP! is this guy like...drunk 24/7?? :)

  • Lex (unregistered)

    I kind of like it. But I really wish he had done the demo screen caps with the "SexualEducation" directory highlighted. I'll bet those "Thumbs" would be something to look at.

  • Bruce (unregistered)

    LOL! I love it! Where can I get a copy! The cockpit in the plane I'm training in all-of-a-sudden doesn't look complex anymore!

  • Alex Campbell (unregistered)

    "for more examples of bad UI visit
    http://digilander.libero.it/chiediloapippo/Engineering/iarchitect/mshame.htm "

    how about, for more examples of bad UI, visit http://www.netscape.com and go to the download page?

  • Reinhard Brongers (unregistered)

    And I guess the 'Hyst' button is short for Hysterical? :-)

    WTF does this tool do anyway? I'll take the blue pill.

  • foxyshadis (unregistered)

    There's a download link on the netscape page?

    ... hey, there it is. It only took 2 whole minutes to spot, after giving up once and just doing a search for download, which pulled it up as the 8th entry. That home page is a travesty.

  • Marc (unregistered)

    "not the the uburbulous deprodication errebelously"

    -WTF!? ;)

  • Murari (unregistered)

    the UI is overwhelming...

    but the most important thing is the GAY mp3s...

  • George Hara (unregistered)

    Just wanted to thank Steven Hall for saying "And what's with all that 8 and 10 point text?!?!?! If 6 point fonts were used everywhere...", despite the fact that most Windows software uses 8 point fonts (being the default)!
    It forced me to set the default font to Arial 10. I have to admit that it looks great: http://www.georgegabrielhara.org/ideas/filematrix/filematrix.png
    And not to disappoint those who like to change the default layout: http://www.georgegabrielhara.org/ideas/filematrix/filematrix2.png

    Lex wrote "But I really wish he had done the demo screen caps with the "SexualEducation" directory highlighted. I'll bet those "Thumbs" would be something to look at."
    Sorry Lex, no pictures in there, just a book on sexual education. You can read it at http://www.georgegabrielhara.org/ideas/sexualeducation/index.htm (either download the small archive or read it directly).

    P.S. Sorry to disappoint the music homophobes (never knew there are...!!!), no media-player music listing is visible.

    George Hara

  • Sexual Education (unregistered)

    The change history alone is worth the price of admission.

  • George Hara (unregistered)

    Are you referring to SexualEducation? What price? What admission?

  • Charles Hope (unregistered)

    My eyes. The PAIN!!

  • MARS822 (unregistered)

    I've lost way too many hours trying to figure out WTF this thing is s'posed to DO. What you can't see in the screen caps is the crazy menues... Under the 'Tools' menu are .lnk's to backup, notepad, etc. But the menu items actually SAY backup.lnk!

    Truly awsome effort for a truly awful app!

  • (unregistered) in reply to foxyshadis

    Where can you find the crack for enter the matrix?

  • Me (unregistered) in reply to

    Where can you find the crack for enter the matrix?

    You mean where can you find the crack to enter the matrix...

    ..I would guess you would need a big fat overdose before you would try to work with such an interface ;-)

  • Tony Olsen (unregistered)


  • lol (unregistered) in reply to Me

    he might have been referring to the game...

  • Neo Is Gay (unregistered)

    Never did like the matrix

  • Steve (unregistered)

    After all those months, the first reaction when I saw that snapshot again was still "WTF"...

    CAPTCHA: :) (no, really..)

  • rgz (unregistered)

    that's seems quite usable once you get used to.

  • markroth8 (unregistered)

    WTF is a TooBar?

  • G (unregistered) in reply to markroth8

    Toobar is a bar, too

  • Johnny Walker (unregistered)

    It's like some crazy shutin went on to create the [[[[ULTIMATE]]]] explorer.exe replacement, but... uh, aw jeez why would someone waste his time building something like this?

    crazy shutin didn't do any usability testing

  • Jake (unregistered)

    Useful only for intimidating computer-illiterate friends and relatives into not playing with your computer, if you can figure out how to actually use it.

  • huh (unregistered)

    What's wrong with it?

    We have an app at work, the more you can cram on one page, the better the users like it.

    We just changed a phone number field from white background to gray background. "Why'd you do that. I can't find the phone number as easy as before. Change it back."

    We didn't move the phone number field, changed color to indicate not editable.

    A-hole users.

  • Liam Knox (unregistered) in reply to huh

    If you cannot see what us wrong with this I give up. This is an absolute abortion of GUI design. The pure amount of information (unstructured), navigation (unstructured and large), layout (random). Basically there is one word tha sums it up. Shit.

  • Pedantic Speaker (unregistered)

    The FileMatrix site has moved to https://filematrix.en.softonic.com/

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