• Martin Audley (unregistered) in reply to Passing by

    Nope - not even for mobile apps - it's still wrong to suppress errors. Never grab a tiger by the tail.

    Never catch an error that you don't have a mechanism to deal with - throw it upwards and let the parent deal with it. At least at the top, if no one knows how to deal with it, the end user can deal with it by buying someone else's software.

  • derp (unregistered)

    Yup, this "pattern" is very common in my office from a certain individual. Drives me nuts.

    --captcha = eros

  • CRConrad (unregistered) in reply to Balu
    Have you measured it? Who can prove that sound waves are actually generated while nobody is there to hear (= measure) them?
    Have you ever gone a day without seeing the sun -- slept the whole day, sick and in hospital, slammed into solitary confinement, whatever?

    Do you think that special arrangements were made that day -- the Sun arrested in its orbit, the Earth's rotation stopped for a day, whichever way you look at it -- since the Sun didn't have to rise for you to see? Or do you trust it rose that day too, as every other day?

    If you believe the first, you're obviously a solipsistic lunatic. If you believe the second: Why would trees behave differently from the sun; i'e, why would they behave differently just because you weren't there to observe them? That idea is cut to shreds by Occam's razor in pretty much no time at all.

  • Jim (unregistered)

    Man, if this is the first time you've seen someone eat an exception... let me be the first to welcome you to software development.

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  • Allan Mills (google)

    I've had the argument from the person I develop for that most software doesn't throw up an error listing where the crash occurred (ie. class and line number). But if it does fail it and it doesn't show where it failed it makes it harder for me to locate the source.

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