• M. Eaton (unregistered)

    WTF? I'd love to hear the justification for this crap. A PHB must have gotten his hands into this somehow. :-)

  • Jonathan M. Hollin (unregistered)

    That is so scary!

    The table names aren't too bad I guess (apart from the extraneous ".xml", but those columns - Jeez!!!

    I hope the documentation is good.

  • Andy Johns (unregistered)

    Looks like auto-generated crap to me. I've seen worse -- like old mainframe COBOL copybooks being auto-converted into web services. The resulting XML can look like:

    Nice an human-readable xml huh?

  • Eric Newton (unregistered)

    At least the XML overhead is low ;-)

  • TJ (unregistered)

    Holy gobldy goop Batman!!!

    Thats whay you get when you let business analyst design databases. What a cluster F.

  • Mario Goebbels (unregistered)

    Wow, just wow! Pray for me that I'll never inherit any bollocks like this!

  • Tim Cartwright (unregistered)

    Tim H, it soooo STINKS to be you, I feel for you... :-(

  • Phooboy (unregistered)

    Hmmm - an 8-byte column named "guid" - wonder what the strategy is to ensure global uniqueness?

    Just more confusion to heap on this mess...

  • cablito (unregistered)

    Yeah, I know whats the [c:1:0:h] prefix is for... its for versioning.. so you know that field belongs to the "database" version 1.0 revision 'h'.

    I bet it was a pleasure to code SQL joins on that database... lol

  • Curt Teunissen (unregistered)

    Finally a WTF where no-one said "ya know there is a perfectly acceptable reason for doing this blah blah blah"

  • Lev Demidov (unregistered)

    Actually the column names look like SQL XML EXPLICIT syntax. Judging from that and the table names, it this database looks like a "creative" way to store xml files. Select a row by id, and based create the xml from the column names.

  • Jeff Darcy (unregistered)

    I think it's Estonian notation - similar to the better known Hungarian notation, but without the pretense of being intended for any purpose but obfuscation.

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