• (cs)

    I bet on stupid management. Developer get more bonus with better KPIs and one of the KPIs is ticketing system usage. The more you post in there....

  • ian (unregistered)

    I think you need to start to use a Explaining Stick or Bat. I find these helpful with numpties like Alan.

  • katastrofa (unregistered)

    In real world Alan H would have A) escalated the issue to Colin's boss and B) complain that Colin is "unhelpful", which would bring misery on Colin's head and waste his time.

  • Barf 4Eva (unregistered)

    "I haven't risked a peek into the code yet but based on the following defect ticket, I suspect I won't be pleased"

    Uh.... what?

  • Buddy (unregistered)

    It bugs me to no end when I get those "It's broken." bug reports, especially from in-house development, who should know better. No shit Sherlock, you think you're writing a bug report to tell me it's not broken? I get really mad when I fire back, "That's really not enough to work with, can you provide more details?', and I get "It doesn't work." I'm getting angry now just thinking about it. I don't know why I write this stuff when it will only get me agitated. It's 9:30 and I already need a drink.

  • (cs)

    The real issue is using any kind of Helpdesk/support tickets as a performance indicator. When you get in trouble for having a ticket open more than a day, there's fundamental issues wrong with your organization.

    Also as to the story itself it seems like the submitter ("Darren") is Colin's boss, or some kind of manager at least? Darren was brought in to fix things, and sent the ticket story as an example of how dysfunctional things are.

  • eric bloedow (unregistered)

    i remember several stories about similar "bugs": one was solved by adjusting the brightness or contrast on the monitor, another was solved by closing the Venetian Blind.

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