• specialK (unregistered)

    ^^ ok that function should return a type of ListItem, not integer... :P

  • Zeo woods (unregistered)

    Wow, that actually makes pretty good sense when you think about it dude.

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  • (cs)

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  • (cs)
    "I was going through some obscure code from the developers before me, and something caught my eye," Philippe wrote. "It was a class whose task was to transform data, and this is how it was instantiated."
    Transformer optimusPrime = new Transformer();

    OMG, I might very well be Philippe's predecessor. I know somebody inherited that same WTF from me, but I'm sure I'm not the only clever person to come up with that one.

  • Vino (unregistered) in reply to ath

    Actually F gets significantly smaller as the rocket gets higher... it would be better to have a function to calculate it, which then calculates F depending on the rocket's position relative to Earth and other bodies.

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  • Steve H (unregistered) in reply to Simon
    I tried to put some italic tags around a bit of text today," writes Derek, "but somehow, it emboldened my text."

    This was a deliberate feature to tell you to stop using to italicise text. The correct XHTML-compliant tag is .

    But that's irrelevant anyway, since is back in HTML5, with new semantics. But you'd know that already, since you're clearly an expert.

    See here: http://html5doctor.com/i-b-em-strong-element/

  • pflock (unregistered) in reply to Leo
    The Newton function probably is to avoid having a magic number in a calculation. Seems to me that's generally considered A Good Thing, not a WTF.

    You're the one that does

    #define ONE 1 #define TWO 2

    aren't you?

    Sometimes you really don't need it.

    That's true. I recently got rid of that pi-crap in all my code, improving

    const float sigma = foo() / pi;


    const float sigma = foo () / 3.1;

    and thus getting rid of a freaking header, yay.

  • (cs)

    This is great stuff. We should have more of these "coded smorgasbords". LOL.

  • Héctor (unregistered)

    Public Void FuckUrAss() { Public List<Transformers> Autobots= new List<Transformers>(); string type="Autobots" Autobots= try { appmain.BSLTransformerService.GetAllTransformers(type); foreach(Transformers in Autobots) { messagebox.Show("Fuck ur Self"); } } catch { messagebox.Show("An error was found, fuck too"); return; } }

  • AN Other (unregistered) in reply to lolwtf
    If fromDate < toDate Then 'it's good. todo: handle this Else 'it's not good. todo: handle this End If

    Make more sense now?

    Also certain languages don't handle empty if statements well, could just be a hangover or habit to put a place holder.

  • Timothy (TRiG) (unregistered) in reply to Simon

    I don't understand all this hatred for the italics tag. It's a useful and valid grammatical entity.

    • The Marie Celeste was found drifting abandoned.
    • Socrates was a Greek philosopher.
    • Socrates has eight letters.
    • "The words were not The doom of Minas Tirith," said Aragorn.

    In none of the above cases should the italics tags be replaced with emphasis tags. For ship names, for discussion of words as words, and (in some instances) for quotations, italics are necessary.


  • The senior software consultant (unregistered)

    Hey, I made the daily WTF!

    But seriously, give me a break. I was on a tight deadline, and missed a comment that had been part of a seperate little code snippet, which was what was being left in. That got removed, the comment stayed :-)

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