• dusoft (unregistered)


    ahctpac: alset

  • Mauricio F (unregistered)


  • GrouchyAdmin (unregistered)

    Holy crap.. That's even worse than my first week of PHP's

    $url = (eregi(^http://)) ? "http://" . $url : $url;

  • My Name? (unregistered)

    I've read all from the current to articles to this one and this is the best! The best WTF you can ask for.

    Just found a WTF in this site: If you click submit and you haven't given a name it just shows an * which you may never if the page is scrolled down. It should at least display a message (required field not specified) and scroll it into view. and the * wasn't there before I clicked Submit so I couldn't know it is required.

  • omfg (unregistered)


  • Kiefer (unregistered)

    At least they aren't backslashes.

  • abigo (unregistered)

    I think adding slash reversal during iteration would have improved the readability of the constant used.

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