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    I think, they are using akamai to store cached version of site. so all the static javascript code is saved at akamai.com while dynamic javascript generated at runtime comes from united.com


  • nobody (unregistered) in reply to skippy

    xxd as well...

  • steve (unregistered)

    If this was VB, I'd put the following in the form's onLoad event:

        'Sets every control's tooltip text to its name for debugging
        'To determine a control's name, simply hover the mouse over it
        Dim c As Control
        For Each c In Form.Controls
            c.ControlTipText = c.Name
        Next c

    ...then I'd let the thousand-line switch statement do its job to hide everything above the control I wanted to edit. Once having moused over the control to get its name, I'd find it by name in the Properties window and change the caption directly.

    This code should, naturally, be commented out and left there in case it's ever needed again... which it almost certainly will, if they ever want to change anything on that horrible form.

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