• theanswer (unregistered)

    CF Sucks? Ignorance is truly bliss I guess. Funny, most folks that take that stance don't know a thing about CF and its benefits (a truly great product) that protects most avg. coders from themselves.

    Jaded, what do you know of ColdFusion? FYI, last time I checked "simmalar" wasn't a word. CF has been around since you were in the 5th grade I believe...

  • Poor Helpless Programmers (unregistered)

    makes me wonder, did they mean:



    LSD ate Format?

  • Vee (unregistered)

    Ok, let's look at: "Left(IDstring, 9) & LSDateFormat(Now(), 'MM-DD-YY'".

    "MM-DD-YY" is 8 characters. Let's assume 8 bytes. Append to that 9 bytes, which gives 17 bytes.

    So you're using at least 17 bytes to store a UUID that would normally fit into 16 bytes.


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