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    I find this quite humorous also. Here I am, a software developer with way too many years of experience, and I didn't recognize this code as C++ (a language I have never coded in, and only debugged once - 8 years ago). And yet, even though I couldn't identify the language, I still have the wherewithal to call others morons. WTF coders, inept fast-food workers, bumbling government drones, too many more to list - all morons.

    And why do I have the wherewithal to call these people morons? Because, even though I can't identify all programming languages by sight, I can code in a good many of them, and this ability provides me with a very good income. This wherewithal greatly increases the probability that I will never be looking to any of these lesser people for jobs or favors, and allows me the pleasure of spurning them.

    Oh - or perhaps you meant to write "(unmitigated) gall"?

    (Adding one more to the list.)

    Ah yes. A language flame. I did indeed mean "gall" as it were. Interesting how you take the stance that because you make a better income than low-wage workers that you're somehow better than them. Even more interesting is how you take the stance that because you feel yourself superior, you have the right to call these people morons and look down upon them.

    I too have a good job designing and implementing software. I would wager that I have more experience than you, and more than likely more programming languages under my belt than you can count. My point however is that you are all so quick to judge (and perhaps this doesn't directly apply to you in particular), however half (or more) of you can't even do a cursory search on languages via google, and get a few source examples and reasonably identify a language.

    Interesting how you take my statement I consider that "WTF-coding, bumbling, inept [people] morons" and transform it into "low-wage workers are morons and therefore less than me". Many of the WTF coders I've seen here undoubtedly make more money than me, as do many "bumbling government drones" (not fast-food workers, though). I can, and do, look down upon ineptitude, and when I do something stupid, I deserve to be called on the carpet and ridiculed, too.

    My point is that it's unlikely that the inept people I call morons will ever have any significant influence in my life and I can write them off, partly because of my income.

    As for your experience? Possibly, and good for you. Language tally? Patently false.

    And quick judgement? You couldn't even search a dictionary site to clarify a word you didn't know how to use, and yet you take others to task for not Googling for programming languages? Pot - kettle, hence the flame.

    I am amazed at both of you. You are clearly idiots and the example is clearly written in Beatnik. The parts you think are comments aren't.

    I earn more or less than anyone or anything known to man! Not only do I earn more, but I spend more than double what I earn and save three times more than that! I know more programming languages than anyone in the universe, including several that have yet to be been invented, that's several universes, not langauges, so I snigger at you temorally inept bumbling morons. I have more assets and a larger attribute than anyone here and I even used to have a girlfriend! I deride you with the spittle of my naked contempt! *derides* PTOEY! PTOEY!

    <FONT size=1>I used to think fast food was a WTF, but then I realised it's called fast food because fast food sticks fast in your bowel. PTOEY PTOEY!</FONT>

    .... but in seriousness, I can see that this sucks, I just wonder what pressure the guy was under when he left it. I do remember having to maintain someone else's hack that was supposed to be a temporary emergency patch to a production system, but got left in when management piled work onto the guy, then shipped him somewhere else..... there may be more to the story than just the code and comments here.... I really, really hope so.

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    Drop database;
    Fire developer;


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    ServerSesion...single s in session?

    Its not c# i think, because there is no ServerSession thing as far as i know....

  • dave (unregistered)

    lol classic

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