• (cs) in reply to Wallsy

    Now, here's the card more realistically:


    Even though it's probably almost as bad as One With Nothing, I fear I may have made it a little too good. :-/

    I love it.  Though the casting cost should probably be something like {5}{U}{U}{B}.  You know how grossly overpaid those CIOs are.

  • theLittleEngineThatCould (unregistered) in reply to MoeJoyle

    truth or not....................... 

    i used to actually have respect for the little byrdie that wrote this article.


  • (cs) in reply to Disgruntled DBA

    Who got a copy of the Virtdyne job description? This is exactly what I was hired for at Virtudyne. Oh, this saga was the worst 12.3 months of my life..... well, not quite, I did have some fun... traveling all over the State of Indiana, installing the system only to watch it either:

    1) crash

    2) crash and blue screen


    3) crash, blue screen, and corrupt other mission critical software on the customer's computer

    wow - that hoaned my BULLSH*T skills to a new level

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