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    This is the reason why I develop open source software as part a hobby (to keep my sanity), a lot of programmers these days have a degree but no working knowledge of how to use a computer let alone how a computer works.

    Most of the people I work with are the same. I have some code examples that put this to shame.

  • Anon (unregistered) in reply to Troutman

    If you do not understand the code and you do not understand the joke, you are okay.

    If you do understand the code but do not understand the joke, you are dangerous -- and a potential WTFer.

  • while we are at it (unregistered) in reply to boog
    403: Forbidden 404: Not Found 413: Request Entity Too Large 416: Requested Range Not Satisfiable 417: Expectation Failed 418: I'm a teapot

    I'd just love to see some of these on underwear ;)

    Go to thinkgeek. If I recall, they do have some of those on underwear (with customer action shots).

    You are clearly missing 402: Payment Required 450: Blocked by Windows Parental Controls 502: Bad Gateway

  • argh my internal eyes! (unregistered) in reply to by
    Someone You Know:
    Bill P. Godfrey:
    Files on embedded systems! Bert Glanstrom! Wooden Table!

    Irish! Girl!


    I have Xed your Y, pray I don't ...etc.

    AHHHH!!! Seeing all this together made a horrible image run through my head. Bert Glasnstrom with Irish Girl being "brilant" on a wooden table. Excuse me while I go bleach my brain.

    You have brain bleach?! I could've used that every time I heard Sarah Palin speaking; instead, I would repeatedly smash my head into the corner of a wall until I found myself waking up on a gurney in an ER... Ahh, memories...

    Where was I going with this again?

    I misread that and felt a bit sick...

  • jim (unregistered) in reply to tim

    As always, anything Microsoft==TRWTF

  • stmp (unregistered)

    -1 | reserved 666 | HELL YEAH

  • Mike (unregistered) in reply to Severity One
    Severity One:
    Actually I had to do something like that...there were three possible choices and my manager demanded they be in a table...

    ID | Text 1 | Yes 2 | No 3 | Unavailable


    4 | File Not Found
    That's 'unavailable'. No need to put the same Boolean twice in the same table. Three values for a Boolean is more than enough.

    ID | Text 1 | Yes 2 | No 3 | FileNotFound 4 | Let's Think About This For A Second...

  • Onur biyik (unregistered)

    don't start it with "usp_" for god's sake

  • Dimskiy (unregistered) in reply to sakasune

    We have this kind of stuff all over our database! That's besides the fact that constant strings are stored in an XML file.

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