• Andy (unregistered)

    The last one's not an error, They're the codes for Deliveroo, Just Eat etc

  • bvs23bkv33 (unregistered)

    real wtf is no wtf about valentine

  • Hamakei (unregistered)

    That McDonalds one isn't an error. Hex codes are used to distinguish delivery orders. They're actually VERY common.

  • DavidTheWin (unregistered)

    The McDonalds order IDs in hexadecimal are for delivery orders not a glitch

  • RLB (unregistered)

    Unless it's connected to the Big Bad Internet somehow, I see no problem with the Bangkok one. As long as it does its job, which presumably means selling tickets, there is no reason to install anything newer. Updates? For what, newer network protocols in a non-networked machine? Nobody's going to want to play Skyrim on the thing or demand a Notepad that works with UTF-64.

  • 🤷 (unregistered)

    Well, at least that screen in the McDonald's is working. At my nearest McD, they have that system, too... but the screen doesn't work. However, the one right next to it does, and it shows a small presentation on how easy this pick up system is in an endless loop. I thought maybe someone could be so clever and just switch the cables for the screens, so the more useful information could be displayed, but I guess management didn't think that way. It took some months before the second screen got fixed.

  • Pista (unregistered)

    They use nautical miles in aviation, not terrestrials.

  • (nodebb)

    McDonald's causes diabetes, and also it has broken screens. Does that mean broken screens cause diabetes?

  • (nodebb)

    The McDonald's screen is working exactly as designed.

    • For delivery service orders, the value shown is the first five characters of the delivery service's order ID. Their premiere service, Uber Eats, only uses five characters. Other services use more.
    • For all other orders, at least three digits are shown. The last two are the actual order number, while the ones in front are the point-of-sale ID number. Normally this goes from 1-14 for in-store orders, 15 for drive through, and 16 for mobile orders. However, though unusual, I could see someone configuring a register to have ID 0 for some special purpose.
  • Darkenon (unregistered) in reply to TwelveBaud

    I think this might be a UK Mcdonalds screen, they usually just have the order numbers sequentially across all tills and they show 3 numbers and reset to order 1 when they get to 100.

    In the UK Uber Eats is their exclusive delivery partner and those hexadecimal ids are delivery orders.

    Also the Bill Gates one was before even he was born, his Mother must've thought of it and passed it down.

  • Jerry (unregistered)

    Oh yeah. Love me some old Windows. I thought China was the winner with Windows XP everywhere, but there's a new sheriff in town, and his name is Thailand.

  • The Slice (unregistered)

    Windows 2000 was the last really good version. Change my mind.

  • Bruce W (unregistered) in reply to The Slice

    Windows 2000 was the last really good version. Change my mind.

    I always view Windows 2000 as "my" version of Windows. At the company I was with at the time I was heavily involved in beta testing W2K both for workstation and server. I also designed the root Active Directory for my global company. If I dig around my old CDs I probably still have Microsoft's Windows 2000 Server install disc and the install disc for my company's standard Windows 2000 Server image. To top it all off, I have a backpack from the "Windows NT 5.0 Deployment Conference".

  • (nodebb)

    You missed a trick by not calling this article "Nil By Mouth"!

  • (nodebb) in reply to DavidTheWin

    There is a glitch in the McDonald's display however. In the Canadian setup anyway, the last two digits are a sequence number (last two digits of the invoice number?) and the part before that determines which cash register or on-store ordering kiosk was used to order the "food". A leading digit of 0 seems like somebody did not set things up properly, as I always see the leading digit at least 1.

  • David (unregistered) in reply to Bruce W

    I want that backpack. Along with MS Office 2007 Hawaiian shirt from "The Office".

  • ooOOooGa (unregistered) in reply to Bruce W

    I still have a set of Windows 3.1 install floppies. And the last version of Windows that I used at home was Windows 98 SE. Now get off my lawn you crazy kids.

  • Test Target List (unregistered)

    Love me some "CARROT CORN"

  • Some Ed (unregistered)

    I'm pretty sure that "contains nil" is just talking about allergens, because I can easily see in the picture corn, carrots, and green beans, so it's obviously not the full ingredients list. Also I think I can make out some nil, too, although the picture is blurry enough to make that difficult.

    Also, a surprising number of people are allergic to nil, considering how many people don't seem to recognize it. It's not actually prioritized in labelling laws in any country I'm aware of, but can be quite serious. On the list of allergens prioritized by the degree of risk allergy sufferers have from exposure, it's right after maize and right before  . (Maize allergies are much more serious, as labyrinthian city streets are everywhere these days and hard to avoid. However, nil allergies are more common. They aren't even close to as common as   allergies, but   allergies are usually not as serious.

  • Diane B (unregistered)

    I ran Windows 2000 until 2010 when I switched to Windows 7 and won't touch another MS OS until I die. Fight me.

  • Rene (unregistered)

    4:04 Flight not found

  • Elf337 (unregistered) in reply to Nutster

    Pretty sure the McD picture is from the UK. As other posters have said, the 5 char hex codes are for Uber Eats delivery orders and the 3 digit numericals are in-store orders. Every McD's I've been to since they introduced the ticket system (I think about 3 years ago, could be wrong) has had 3 digit order numbers from 001 to 099, first digit is always 0. I've often wondered why they have 3 digits but only use 2, but seeing comments here about it identifying the issuing till in other parts of the world I suppose that the system might be imported but somebody decided not to bother implementing that part of it here, hence your server is always '0'

  • (nodebb) in reply to Some Ed

    Great point! It's hard to tell from the blurry photo whether that's green beans, peas, or both, though. I suppose you are right that these are green beans because pea protein is a fairly common allergen and should be listed. For example, most members of both Hamas and Likud are highly allergic to peas.

  • Smash (unregistered) in reply to Hamakei

    Well if there's no WTF with that screen contents there's an even bigger WTF in the fact that there are at least 16 meals ready and waiting to be picked up. What are the buyers/ delivery people doing that they let this many orders accumulate? Is there even enough space in the counter to hold that many trays? In the closest McD to me 6 trays is the limit.

    In fact I don't think there are only 16 orders in that queue. That is just what we can see but the scren is probably cropping a much larger list of orders to be picked up. If you remember that the three-digit orders are sequential and that the biggest three digit order we can see on the right is 33 while order #61 is being prepared, we can imagine that this queue could well be nearing a hundred orders!

  • (nodebb) in reply to Smash

    At least at my local golden arches, the staff weren't very good at clearing orders from the list. Once the backlog was so bad that they simply cleared off a bunch of orders at random, resulting in my order getting cancelled. I effectively had to get them to make my order to order, so to speak.

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