• NickJ (unregistered)

    Ugh. PHP. I HATE PHP. Easily the worlds worst programming language.

  • Jeremy Lindgren (vita10gy) (google) in reply to Appalled

    I was wondering that too. Every time something like this happens we all lol at the big stupid head existing devs who refuse to change, even though literally every single programmer who has been one more than a week has 5 stories of that one time they changed something innocuous and broke something else that depended on it being done that weird ass way.

    It's really weird.

    Also many of these optimizations people point out fall along the pointless micro level optimizations. Chances are there is some area you can refactor and gain a lot more than a silly way to unset most of $_SESSION.

    A lot of programmers want to risk damaging the car to get 1 more horsepower out of the engine of a car with no wheels.

  • Derp (unregistered)

    Honestly I'm just amazed that Gern managed to write a story that wasn't a trans-fantasy with a load of ambiguously gay incompetent managers.

  • Zenith (unregistered)

    @Developer Dude "I am increasingly certain that in the future, I will require a prospective employer, to allow me a week to look at any and all source code I would be required to work on before I accept a job offer. I will sign an NDA, but if they won't let me look at the code, then I don't want to work on it."

    Around here, you can't even get a look at their code formatting rules. I refuse to call them a "standard" and in fact "rules" is pretty generous given that they're haphazardly applied. I worked at one place where they had a tantrum about me capitalizing acronyms. I was at least consistent about it. The rest of the code base sometimes did, sometimes didn't...and was rife with spelling/grammatical/logical mistakes. There was at least one getter/setter pair that went something like:

    public bool IsCollaspsed { get{return !isCollapsed;} set{isCollapsed = value;} }

    So they'd missed a few deadlines before I got there, would hand me about an hour's worth of work each week, make me follow patterns that didn't work (as in threw exceptions stating why they didn't work), and then pitch regular fits about my typing and the approaching deadlines. Place was a complete shit hole and actually managed to be worse than the previous shit hole where the duhvelopers had a highschool-esque mean girls clique. But seriously, good luck on getting a peek at the code; many places are embarrassed enough to hide it but sadly not enough to do anything about it.

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