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    There's a missing security question!

    What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

  • Hans (unregistered)

    "whatver needs to be fixed, needs to e fixed" - such as this?

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    Mothers maiden name? Yeah, I could use that, if I could remember how it was spelled. I have no children. Yeah, I remember how old I was when I was married. Both times. I wonder which time they mean. No, I don't remember the name of the street I lived on for six weeks after I was born. I don't have a single favourite food. I do indeed remember my major in college. I don't have a single favourite of any of those things either. My favourite number? WTF is that about? I haven't thought about that since a very long time ago, when I was a wee small laddie. The default password depends on the thing whose default password it is. Where I live, the sky is usually grey. My father wasn't born in a city. If they mean in what town/city/village/etc., I can answer it, but it wasn't a city.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Steve_The_Cynic

    Isn't "frist" everyone's favorite number on here?

  • (nodebb) in reply to aliceif

    I'd normally go for "snecod" myself, or maybe "seocnd".

  • Ron Fox (google) in reply to dkf

    African or English?

  • European swallow (unregistered) in reply to Ron Fox

    I ain't no Brit swallow!

  • I dunno LOL ¯\(°_o)/¯ (unregistered)

    I like how M-Services includes toilet paper. It's good to have toilet paper handy when on the go in Laos!

  • RichP (unregistered) in reply to Steve_The_Cynic

    I just love how many of the "secret questions" get answered by creeping a typical person's facebook page. Mother's maiden name: figure out who the relatives are in their circle of friends. Kids names/bdays: pretty obvious. Age when married: wait for a friend to post a TBT of the wedding, plus some math. Favorite food: what are they posting pics of at meal time? Hometown: look for nostalgic classmates

    There are a bunch of minor ones like street you grew up on, best friends name, etc. that you can reverse engineer from the find your porn star name quizzes.

  • freeone3000 (unregistered) in reply to Steve_The_Cynic

    You shouldn't be giving the actual answers, which are commonly guessed or delved from social media. You should be using alternative passwords there. It's an awful form of challenge-response auth - if it's not a question you expect, it's an indication of MITM.

  • Your name (unregistered) in reply to Hans

    How did that e move so far to the right?

  • Carl Witthoft (google) in reply to RichP

    Only if you're stupid enough to give the "actual" answer.

    "What is your mother's maiden name?' --> soccerstadium

  • Herby (unregistered)

    What is your favorite vacation spot?


    Of course!!

  • (nodebb)

    Just this morning, I put the 250 GB version of that SSD into my laptop (yes, really). Maybe I should take it back to the store and exchange it for another model …

  • Yarrgh (unregistered)

    The security questions one looks like a setup to me. There are lots of sites that will allow you to write your own question AND answer, so if you're stupid enough to include the ANSWER in the question text, that's on you, not the website.

  • foxyshadis (unregistered) in reply to Gurth

    If you've already written more than 70 bytes, then the warranty's expired now. Tough luck, chap.

  • soccerstadium (unregistered) in reply to Carl Witthoft
         "What is your mother's maiden name?' --> soccerstadium

    Because the whole team comes in her once a week?

  • Ex-lurker (unregistered) in reply to soccerstadium

    No, because she holds dozens of events during a season where several thousands attendees can have their fun.

  • LK (unregistered) in reply to Ex-lurker

    And any who miss out will light flares and riot.

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