• DonTsetsi (unregistered)

    This is just normal operating procedure for most large companies...

  • Oliver Jones (google)

    Hey! You can provision a suitcase of money???? Awesome.

    The real WTF is that I didn't know that until just now.

  • Drum D. (unregistered)

    Idiot an manager rolled into one. Please keep going, nothing to see here.

  • Pavel P. (unregistered)

    This discussion thread fails the test for FRIST being posted frist.

  • Jimmy jim jimm (unregistered)

    Vague story is vague. Managers managing what they don't understand. The shock...

  • Anon (unregistered)

    Bob should have gone to Angleton.

  • Quite (unregistered) in reply to Anon

    I've googled, but I don't get the reference.

  • Peter (unregistered) in reply to Drum D.

    The two terms are synonymous.

  • Puzzl´d (unregistered)

    J.J. Angleton, CIA boss?

  • JustSomeDudette (unregistered)

    And this is why it nevers pays to keep complaints to yourself; be honest with the company and tell them when people are making terrible decisions. You might get fired but dying a slow death in a job doesn't do you any favours professionally either, and who knows it may even work. If people were a little braver history is less likely to repeat itself.

  • LCrawford (unregistered)

    So, this department at a large multi-national bank is still limping along on the poor solution? How is the manager hiding his incompetence these days?

  • Brainsoup (unregistered) in reply to Anon

    It's Horrible that people don't get the reference. That will be put on their permanent Records.

  • Archibear (unregistered)

    Angleton from the Laundry Files novels by Charles Stross

  • (nodebb) in reply to LCrawford

    How is the manager hiding his incompetence these days?

    If he moves fast enough between jobs, the fans won't blow the shit hard enough for it to hit him.

  • The Great Bambini (unregistered)

    Typical Management BS. The Dev will probably be grilled at his next job why he got laid off. What a screwed up system the corporate world is.

  • J. Random Driveby (unregistered) in reply to Quite

    "The Atrocity Archives", by Charles Stross, and the several subsequent books in the series.

  • P. Q. Nobody (unregistered)

    "And we're not even going to go into how the tool mistook email addresses for websites it had to crawl."

    This sounds like the tool is correctly parsing HTTP login details: it's perfectly valid to pass a username to a server in the URI e.g. http://foo@somewebsite.com:8080/ specifying the user foo on the domain somewebsite.com on port 8080.

  • I dunno LOL ¯\(°_o)/¯ (unregistered)
    And we're not even going to go into how the tool mistook email addresses for websites it had to crawl.

    I thought that was a nicely coincidental reference to today's xkcd.


  • Carl Witthoft (google) in reply to I dunno LOL ¯\(°_o)/¯

    Oddly enough, I just crossposted the line here to the forum at xkcd.

  • Developer Dude (unregistered)


  • LH (unregistered) in reply to Jimmy jim jimm

    This what happens when you run out of ideas - you start retelling the same story without adding anything new. Manager buys expensive external tool without asking the experts; expensive tool is expensive; manager fires everybody else for his/her mistake; manager gets a promotion and a bonus. What a waste of time.

  • Herby (unregistered)

    This all sounds like a verified instance of the "Peter Principle" in action.

    Yup, a manager/idiot got promoted. Just like in the movies.

  • (nodebb)

    The tool was sucking up 80GB of memory

    I'd be happy if I even had that much memory...

  • Appalled (unregistered) in reply to LH

    I Agree LH


  • (nodebb) in reply to Herby

    As I understand it, the Peter Principle is that an individual rises to his level of incompetence. In this case, he rose from his first level of incompetence.

  • Ron Fox (google)

    TRWTF is that Bob continues to work for that company and has not sent out his resume to anybody else.

  • Ron Fox (google)

    TRWTF is that Bob continues to work for that company and has not sent out his resume to anybody else.

  • GorGutz 'Ead 'Unta (unregistered)

    Yes, we get it, managers are evil, self interested morons that somehow are able to blame everybody else and get away with it.

  • Guesty McCynic (unregistered)

    Is this post a metaphor about Snoofle as a manag.... a writer? Pre-massaging? I want some of that, sounds interesting!

  • ReidDaily (unregistered) in reply to Jimmy jim jimm

    The shell shock...

  • AstorLights (google)

    TRWTF is doing overtime. A guy I know spent lot of overtime to finish drawing sprites for certain set of game characters (back in the days), and after a month or so when he was finished with drawing, the management found out that we can't actually put those particular characters in the game - because the top management says "They're in this TV show and so we don't want them anywhere else". A month of work was thrown away and barely known "2nd grade" characters were put into game.

    Addendum 2016-07-11 08:06: (after another month of drawing of course)

  • none (unregistered)

    And yet another case of bull**** always wins.

  • eric bloedow (unregistered)

    "too busy for technical details" made me think of a Tech support story: a manager called IT and yelled, "my computer is broken! i can't do any work!"...then when the tech tried to get him to do basic troubleshooting, he yelled,"I'm too busy to do that!" sheesh. and then there's the people, mostly "day traders" who yell "i'm losing thousands of dollars a minute", then demand free service because "i can't afford a new modem"...

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