• Drew (unregistered)

    frist ticket of the year

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    Like I said last time: time for Matt to get a new job. Past time actually.

  • Nope McNopington , IV (unregistered)

    Strongly disgree which QA being at fault. They played the game. The problem is entirely management.

    Management set a policy about bugs, tickets, testing plans, and their interrelationship.

    Management set a policy about "green" based on tickets. One may likeky assume management also backs this with another policy involving compensation, or at least some participants' compensation (likely also management).

    Management is not compemtemt enough in their jobs to understand the failures they've induced.

    In short, it's management, all the way down.

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    Well, yes. It always is.

    You either revolt en masse by unionizing and driving out management, or by calling the Feds and getting them arrested if they're up to bad-enough no good, or you revolt individually by quitting for a better job.

    There's not really a third way that works. The circle-jerk of self-absorbed, self-congratulatory, predatory management is pretty impervious to outside influence. By design.

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    Management: "We get complaints from our customers!" Developers: "But all your dashboards are green!"

  • Brian Boorman (unregistered)

    What bug tracking system are they using that doesn't allow them to make tickets for all the bugs and link them to the master ticket?

  • Mark J (unregistered) in reply to Nope McNopington , IV

    One company where I worked had a policy of not releasing an OS product with a known defect density greater than 1 per 10KLOC. In all the years I worked there (something like 12 years), I think we only made one point release that did not require a waiver from corporate QA. Major releases almost always went out with 1.5 to 2.2 defects/10K.

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    Management: "We get users calls, that they are unable to login into our system! What are you doing?" Developement: "We are solving inconsistency of color schemes on some help pages. It is part of our highest priority ticket #2024/1. If you want us to work on something else, deprioritise the ticket #2024/1 and prioritise the tickect for the coresponding request."

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  • Tim (unregistered)
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