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    That was unexpected. I thought it was all going to break because Doug failed to tell anybody about his use of the fibre connection and somebody unplugged it.

    Addendum 2024-07-09 08:58: I claim frist because the actual frist post is caught up in the moderation system and won't be approved until the DailyWTF staff bother to come back from holiday, if at all.

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    Another thought:

    He's named a variable/macro after the target machine. Given that this is a three line script, could he not use the IP address directly? If he can't, maybe use a name that reflects the role of the variable rather than its value e.g. let migration_target=...

    Addendum 2024-07-09 09:07: Just noticed that the variable is referred to twice. But the second part of my point still stands

    %let migaration_target='';
      options remote= migaration_target comamid=tcp;
      signon migaration_target;
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