• Guesty Guest (unregistered)

    Look at that Babbage!

  • (nodebb)

    The denominations are a tad too low.

  • Norman Wagner (unregistered)

    Ada Lovelace sure looks like Virginia Woolf in that picture. Sorry, that was mean. Actually I like the idea with the bills.

  • Paul Tomblin (google)

    Getting an error when I try to submit: "Error: ERROR: Error communicating with Shippo API". Screenshot here: http://i.imgur.com/qp1LNKR.png

    Addendum 2016-05-10 10:36: Full text: "Error: ERROR: Error communicating with Shippo API: {"template": ["ParcelTemplate with token USPS_Letter was not found or is inactive. See https://api.goshippo.com/docs/#parceltemplates for supported ParcelTemplates."]}"

  • Ashley Sheridan (google)

    Sounds like TDWTF might need to buy some of their own :P

  • Patrick Roach (unregistered) in reply to Paul Tomblin

    I guess I'll be buying some for myself! And shippo. Fix on this incoming.

  • Patrick Roach (unregistered)

    Annnnnnndd Fixed. Hey Paul, shoot us an email, we owe you some offsets for that!

  • Where's the funny? (unregistered)


  • Paul Tomblin (google)

    Patrick, what's your email? You don't appear on the drop down on the contact link.

  • Paul Tomblin (google)

    Second WTF of this checkout - the State field is a full width text field, but it throws an error popup if you put in the full state name. "Error: ERROR: Error communicating with Shippo API: {"all": ["US States should be given as their 2 letter abbreviation."]}"

  • (nodebb)

    Wait a minute! You've got Grace Hopper on there! She gave us the awful COBOL! She shouldn't be allowed on there!

  • Vietcongster (unregistered) in reply to Paul Tomblin

    We need a new acronym... TRWTFITDWTF

  • Babbage (unregistered) in reply to Norman Wagner

    That is because the lady in the picture is Virginia Woolf.

  • James Chorlton (google)

    Love it. Ordered some all the way to the UK. This is going to make peer reviewing my teams code even more fun!

  • Oliver Jones (google)

    Sweet. Hope you'll consider Margaret Hamilton https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Hamilton_(scientist) for a future reponote (that's like banknote, but for a source code repository).

  • radarbob (unregistered) in reply to slapout1

    This is like saying "The Wright brothers; they gave us that awful aeroplane!"

  • The Pardoner's Tail Recursion (unregistered)

    All we need now is a Code Pope to complete the indulgences system.

  • Angela Anuszewski (google)

    I can't seem to delete the "APT 1000" - I guess I could put a blank in that field to "delete" it, but I shouldn't have to...

  • Appalled (unregistered) in reply to slapout1

    Your freaking nuts or a stupid troll. And you obviously weren't around during COBOL's Inception or 20 year heyday. Prior to that we had Assembler and shit storms like RPG. RPG was a helpless lost cause. In Assembler you could at least code up some comments to improve readability, but nobody did because all we had was cards. COBOL however was the first and still one of the greatest self-documenting languages ever invented Provided you used decent field names, code-block names, and ensured they behaved like today's "object"s, stable and repeatable. Hell, you could even write sub-programs in other languages, "classes". There is NOTHING new under the sun. COBOL had EVERYTHING before any of this new-fangled OO crap even came up with their new names for the same things.

  • (nodebb) in reply to radarbob

    My problem with COBOL is that it hasn't been updated enough. It's like we're still using the Wright Brother's original airplane.

  • (nodebb)

    I hope you guys purchased enough for yourselves...

    I encountered this after submitting my credit card number: [image]

    And then this why I tried to login to complain: [image]

    Addendum 2016-05-11 15:56: And then this when I tried to edit this post to mention that I actually think the concept is fun, and that it's a fantastic way to raise funds for charity. [image]

  • (nodebb)

    So how can I get in touch with someone at Inedo regarding my purchase? I just want to make sure that my order DID go through, that my credit card will NOT be charged if the order got stuck, and that I haven't inadvertently placed 5 times the same order by refreshing my POST request to https://inedo.com/offset/submit-payment

  • Steve (@Inedo) (unregistered)

    I relied to you via email (from the contact form); basically the charge was marked as fraudulent, we figured the pop-up stripe window would have told you that... guess not! Anyway, we marked it as OK, so please retry it and it should work fine.

  • theJPster (unregistered)

    I still wear my Alliance for Code Excellence T-shirt.

  • Jerry Kindall (google) in reply to slapout1

    They did come out with a modern, object-oriented version of COBOL. It was called ADD 1 TO COBOL.

  • GorGutz 'Ead 'Unta (unregistered)

    When I saw the picture before reading the article, I was wondering if the machine that handled the printing of some foreign monopoly money had screwed up.

  • Oliver Jones (google)

    Sigh. I bought some code offsets for our QA krewe to hand out ... and I just got one back.

  • Dickie (unregistered) in reply to Appalled

    Sounds like you're describing Apple lol

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