• rdwells (unregistered)

    How about the WTF of a such a security-conscious company having no better security expert than someone's teenage nephew?

  • (nodebb)

    "She and the other developers at Bento had gone a month without pay..."

    TRWTF is that she and the other developers were not spending all the working hours looking for jobs which would pay.

  • Hannes (unregistered)

    Ok, let's say they can prevent a cellphone (or any other camera device) to get a clear picutre. How would they think to prevent someone simply drawing the info on a sheet of paper? "You can make out a lot of detail" on there, too.

    So, TRWTFs are a) saying "it is possible" when being asked if you could prevent someone from capturing the screen b) going without pay FOR TWO MONTHS and still not just quitting the job. I mean, can it get any worse? Not working without payment sure beats working without payment, right?

  • V (unregistered)

    All those registry hacks and assembly tricks would only work if the program was running under an Administrative user account.

    Well I guess no one ever made a "normal" user on Windows in all history!

  • Anonymous (unregistered) in reply to Artyom

    DRM only works in situations where the copied content needs to be of reasonable quality. There's no way to prevent someone copying "protected" content by using a camera pointed at the screen, and there's no way to prevent copying by capturing the analog video signal from the video output (although this is changing with digital video outputs such as HDMI). But these copies are, hopefully (in the eyes of the content producers), of low-enough quality that people will still prefer to pay for the real thing, and they can certainly never be sold on counterfeit/bootleg DVDs.

    In a situation like this, the quality of the capture isn't particularly relevant, just the information. Preventing a high quality capture and preventing any capture at all are two completely different problems.

  • Super Genius (unregistered)

    TRWTF is that the fix would be so easy: Continuously monitor the clipboard, and if it contains a image, clear it.

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