• Edd (unregistered)

    SIL was only invented in 20 and by 21 there were couses on it

  • Anonymous') OR 1=1; DROP TABLE wtf; -- (unregistered)

    What is SIL? Baby don't hurt me. Baby don't hurt me. No more.

  • (nodebb)

    What is SIL? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0114508/characters/nm0000449?ref_=tt_cl_t6

  • Paul (unregistered)

    Good to see some early Y2.1K bugs - I lived through Y2K and am thankful that I won't be around in 2100 to see the mess

  • (nodebb)

    So what kind of delivery guarantee does this place have? You meal gets to your door in half a year or it's free?

  • Duke of New York (unregistered)

    Through the days of future passed, the programmer longs to see. One chants out between time zones: "Convert to UTC."

  • Loren Pechtel (unregistered)

    I ran into some lack of date validation issues doing my taxes. The tax program kept insisting I owed a nearly $500 underpayment penalty--even though we are getting a refund. Huh? After much pondering I figured out I had entered all the estimated payments as being in 2021. Hey, this is a case where three of the four dates entered will be last year, and all the offending dates were in the future. Why don't you flag them??

  • Gerry Boschen (unregistered)

    Innovative Ways of Dealing with Combustible Dusts sounds like the title of a fun pyromaniac YouTube video.

  • Hasseman (unregistered)

    Things can be exciting when you need to take into account past date and times and need to know that TZ for Riad was 3 hour and 7 minutes different for GMT for a few years in the 80'ties. And when summertime, if, occurs at what date for what country in what year.

  • Aussie Susan (unregistered)

    Here in Australia we often get strange dates on tracking of parcels from the US (or other places on the other side of the dateline). Though more usually it is that the package arrives before it is supposed to have left the US!

  • (nodebb) in reply to Paul

    Yeah Paul, but you might still be around for the Unix 32-bit epoch rollover. That is only a few more years away in 2038.

  • SyntaxError (unregistered)

    This author kind of reminds me of Andy Bernard from The Office.

  • Chris (unregistered)

    #4.... I would describe that as pebkac.

  • Some Ed (unregistered) in reply to Paul

    I lived through Y2K, working as a contractor, so it was a busy time. I hope I'm not around for 2100, because the fact that we had users insisting in 2000 on using two digit years indicates 2100 will be far worse, and despite the fact that I'd be nearing 130 years old, I'm sure they'd pull me out of retirement to fix all the messes. "You're so old! Surely you know COBOL!" Whimper.

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