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    Step 1: if you're gonna do it, do it wrong.

    Step 2: if you're gonna do it wrong, go all out and do it the most wrongly wrong possible.

    Step 3: hiss and die.

  • LCrawford (unregistered)

    It's a security feature so that attacker's reports about the site are confused about what to attack next when the location of the 'error' and '404' are unexpected.

  • Sauron (unregistered)

    404 Sanity Not Found

  • WTFGuy (unregistered)
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  • Oleg (unregistered)
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    I'm just glad others recognize just how crappy Confluence search is.

  • Tinkle (unregistered)

    This is because it is written in Java and Java should never return HTTP error code 418.

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    I'm positive this was all written on an April Fools day, and somehow the joke was never caught by peer code reviews, then was pulled into production by mistake.

    Of course that statement would imply there's a code review process, and maybe even a staging server of some sort. In my dreams.

    Or maybe, just maybe, the whole thing was sheer incompetence. It's really hard to tell. Sarcasm. What did Occam teach us with his razor, again?

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    Giggling all day about that "hiss and die" thing

  • Officer Johnny Holzkopf (unregistered) in reply to jkshapiro
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