• Eek (unregistered)

    All these posts about references. If you are a developer in the Netherlands they won't ask for references, they are just happy that somebody replied to the job offering. Too many developer openings and not enough developers....

  • Earp (unregistered) in reply to Kashim

    Unfortunately, this is a case of someone who knows nothing about the law (you), thinking that you do.

    I can tell you that in many countries, its absolutely not legal to say anything detrimental about your past employees. Here, all you can do is say that they did indeed work (or not) for you. I'll take this time to note that the truth is NOT a defence against slander in every country.

    Before you go around making things up based on how you think things should work, I think you should consider that often the law does not follow what you might consider to be common sense. Certainly I wouldn't go around thinking my personal opinions are legally correct.

  • ⚒️🔨⛏️🔧 (unregistered)

    500 bucks says this was not real and never happened.

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