• Orio (unregistered)


  • Hannes (unregistered)


  • Appalled (unregistered) in reply to Hannes

    I second that

  • Hannes (unregistered) in reply to Appalled

    Glad you agree with me.

  • TheCPUWizard (unregistered)

    "So ultimately, what they discovered was that self-organizing teams are particularly effective when you have senior developers on them and, also, a lot of the things that were invented were invented for a reason." - And we have a winner!!!!!!

  • ApoY2k (unregistered) in reply to TheCPUWizard

    I think the analogy with the strike team vs. army was even better.

  • Nicholas "LB" Braden (github)

    Loved the discussions in this one. Keep it up!

  • Mike (unregistered)

    You're getting the hang of this, guys. Keep it up, I enjoyed it for a change.

    Jane's 'Yeah, well, you know, to me...' was cringeworthy, though.

  • (nodebb)

    Don't worry, Remy... we all know that site staff don't do any work, no one will hold it against you.

  • Kashim (unregistered)

    Almost every job has parts that are creative and parts that are mechanical (i.e. applying a process or algorithm to produce an actual product), except the very, very few that are purely mechanical (and primarily mind-numbing because of it)

    Painters are creative when they decide to put a tree in a particular place. They are mechanical while painting a tree that actually looks like a tree.

    Sculptors are creative when they decide what to sculpt and how it will look. They are mechanical when making the casts of the sculpture and constructing it.

    Doctors are creative when they take the inexact inputs of symptoms and form a diagnosis. They are mechanical when they actually put in that IV.

    Engineers (All Engineers, software, mechanical, electrical, etc.) are creative when they design the solution to their problem. They are mechanical when they execute the solution.

    If Engineering is a purely mechanical endeavor for you, then you are either terrifyingly good at it, or terrifyingly bad at it, or doing it wrong. I'm not sure that the foremost is possible, based on the number of WTFs from people who thought they were doing it the only right way.

  • Bill P. Godfrey (unregistered)

    Is there an RSS for this podcast series please?

  • Bill P. Godfrey (unregistered) in reply to Bill P. Godfrey

    Found it, the "subscribe" link at the top of the transcript. http://cast.rocks/hosting/6645/feeds/13Y3Z.xml

    (I was hoping Ctrl+F, "RSS" would have taken me to it.)

  • OldCoder (unregistered) in reply to Bill P. Godfrey

    Is that what it is? My NoScript automatically blocked cast.rocks and I assumed that if I allowed it I would be automatically buried under tons of unstoppable video adverts, all with the ^blink^ tag.

    Besides, my PC doesn't have any speakers.

  • FormalWare (unregistered)

    Love this! Please continue podcasting and producing excellent transcripts and ignoring (or holding up for ridicule) the complaints.

  • Anon (unregistered) in reply to Kashim


  • Olivier (unregistered)

    You should include a link to the downloadable MP3.

    This sort of podcast, I download an listen at will while driving. It was easy enough to find the link in the source of the pace, but it still is a PITA.

  • Hannes (unregistered) in reply to Olivier

    Or you could simply press the "download MP3"-button... just sayin'...


  • fa (unregistered) in reply to Hannes

    Seems to depend on which media player is installed. First time I see an

  • GrossT (unregistered)

    Can you add your podcast to Google Play podcasts as well? They only allow content owners to add the feeds.


  • barcodez (unregistered)

    I like them. You guys have some pretty good insights. Thanks and keep it up please.

    The real wtf is that I know I registered!

  • divp1 (unregistered)

    Good one thanks for sharing

  • Harsh Jain (unregistered)
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