• Daniel Beardsmore (unregistered)

    When the BBC refer to the “United State”, I wonder, do they mean the fifty-frist state?

  • Scott (unregistered)

    Well, Dave is in Surprise, AZ. Surprise!

    As for Robin, notice also it's the "United State" store. So a non-English-speaking site I suppose?

  • (nodebb) in reply to Scott

    Notice also it's "Continue browsing". This is what you get when you're browsing the US store and you try to change locale. I think the choices available are "U.S." and "Canada". Oddly, the U.K. isn't given an option despite the site being for the BBC.

  • ooOOooGa (unregistered)

    I'm guessing that is git's version of a stack overflow. Something in the repository is recursive.

  • Raj (unregistered) in reply to Scott

    One could argue that nowadays there's only one "United" State (California) where everyone always vote the same way regardless of who the candidates are.

  • sizer99 (google)

    The boot price isn't Amazon's WTF - it's caused by 3rd party bots setting prices. Arguably still a WTF, but not the obvious one.

    There was a really fascinating article a few years ago looking at competing 3rd party bots whose strategy was looking at the prices of other people selling the same item and setting their price a little (x%) higher. Of course if everyone selling that book is running one of these stupid bots then it's a never-ending price spiral and some of the books ended up being priced for hundreds of millions.

  • Chris (unregistered)

    I'm used to the idea of cost per item coming down in price as you by more.

    I never realised it could apply to calories too.

  • Colin (unregistered) in reply to Watson

    There's no BBC Shop in the UK because we already get it for free.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Colin

    Indeed, Dire Straits didn't sing "I want my BBC".

  • Blink182 (unregistered) in reply to Colin

    Free as in I pay a T.V. license fee once per year....

  • Ulli (unregistered)

    The Buffalo Wings offering food with 860cal...1820cal. That's poor. A human body needs at least 2000 kcal (2000 KILO calories) daily which evaluates to 2 million calories. Just dine 1000 times daily there and you receive all what you need. Great marketing!!

  • Matt (unregistered) in reply to sizer99

    I asked someone on ebay recently why they had a crazy high price, and they said it was because they were out of stock but ebay would charge a listing price if he took it down and relisted later, so he jacked the price up without a fee and was waiting for new stock.

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