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    Is Juha complaining about the problem I see, where the cancel button is to the left and the apply button is to the right?

  • Prime Mover (unregistered) in reply to Steve_The_Cynic

    Pff. I thought it was the fact that the calendar headings were out of sync with the columns.

  • Brian Boorman (unregistered) in reply to Prime Mover

    That problem could be solved by ditching CSS and just using html tables. Ah, the good old days.

  • Guest (unregistered) in reply to Prime Mover

    wednesday's off is all I see!

  • WTFGuy (unregistered)

    The clipping on the far right of the Jan + Feb calendar makes me think this is a zoom error or a larger-than-standard font error. It's amazing how many web sites and phone apps have stupid problems like this if the user takes advantage of the browser's or OS's settings for larger than default text sizes. Even more fun if you use both.

  • K Tarkov (unregistered)

    Every time I see "allowlist" I feel indescribable infuriation.

  • Ann on a Mouse (unregistered)

    That first one isn’t a WTF. A survey about customer satisfaction automatically has to be about things in the past, which means that at the beginning of 2023 you are surveying about 2022 customer satisfaction.

  • WTFGuy (unregistered)

    Except for the part where it thanks them for participating in the 2021 survey.

  • (nodebb) in reply to K Tarkov

    Every time I see "allowlist" I feel indescribable infuriation.

    It's a word for a follower of allowlism, supporters of all owls.

  • Neveranull (unregistered)

    I don’t like Wednesdays.

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