• Hans (unregistered)

    I would much rather have a defined undefined.

  • bvs23bkv33 (unregistered)

    daily what the failure, Friday what the undefined, Wednesday what the null

  • Brian (unregistered)

    There are defined defineds. These are things whose definitions have been instantiated. There are defined undefineds. That is to say, there are defined things that we have not yet instantiated. But there are also undefined undefineds. There are things with no definition or instantiation.

    -- Donald Rumsfeld

  • (nodebb) in reply to Brian

    For example, 3÷0 is defined as undefined; it violates the rule for multiplying by 0. What number when multiplied by 0 gives you 3? There are no answers.

    0÷0 is indefinite as it could be just about anything; limits in Calculus can help us figure out which 0÷0 we have. What number when multiplied by 0 gives you 0? Now you have any number (over a set that is closed in division). I guess this could be considered to be undefined as undefined.

  • Pista (unregistered)

    Culture specific defineds Culture specific undefined defineds

  • RP (unregistered)

    ""I'm a little uncomfortable about being connected to an undefined undefined"

    Bit narrow-minded? Indefinophobic?

  • Vroomfondel the Philosopher (unregistered)

    We demand rigidly undefined areas of definition and undefinition!

  • Carl Witthoft (google)

    Oh, you uncultured fools. Culture selection clearly refers to Iain Banks' novels.

  • EvilSnack (unregistered)

    Inviting all of those people reminds me of when I was stationed in the Pentagon , which was during the latter half of the Nineties. From time to time someone would try to e-mail everyone in the building by putting all twenty-three thousand of our names in the To box. The concept of O(n^2) came into play, causing the mail srtvers to crap out.

  • Oliver Jones (google)

    When I was in grad school, the gangbangers who controlled my neighborhood were called the "Insane Unknowns." I think I'll settle for the "Undefined undefineds" instead.

  • February Fool (unregistered)

    Now I'm annoyed that Wouter didn't invite me. I guess I don't make the list of his eight hundred million favorite people. See if I invite him to my next party.

  • A Guest Robot (unregistered)

    You know, it's easy to say you support 200 operating systems when you're just making them up as you go.

  • Jonathan Lydall (google) in reply to Carl Witthoft

    As a fellow Culture fan, in case you didn’t hear, Amazon has announced it is making a television series based on Consider Phlebas.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Jonathan Lydall

    Three scenes Banks insisted any adaptation retain: The wreck of the Olmedreca, the fistfight under the hovercraft, and the escape from The Ends of Invention.

  • Mr Lister (google)

    I never got Wouter's invitation.

  • 🤷 (unregistered)

    Redboxes are part of Culture Club...

    The invitaton reminds me of my University days. There was a new system implemented, which Students and Professors should use alike, and of course it was a huge pile of WTF. Once someone managed to invite all 32,000 students to a lecture. Rumor had it that it was held in the soccer stadium of the town's soccer club (wich can seat ~51,000 people).

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