• ray10k (unregistered)

    A happy end? On TDWTF?

    ...OK, that has been happening a bunch lately anyway, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised.

  • efinr (unregistered) in reply to ray10k

    Happy end? Arguably so. There was no mention of compensation for nights spent. ^^

  • Foo AKA Fooo (unregistered)

    "The colorful, four-letter language Douglas used in reply to that suggestion probably should have been enough to get him fired. Fortunately, his boss used more colorful vocabulary daily."

    Must be a fucking damn nice place to work.

  • Adam (unregistered)

    If you hadn't said "large eCommerce" company I would've guessed Shayne was a previous coworker of mine.

  • Bert (unregistered)

    Funny, most developers I know work 9-5. Why was he doing nights and weekends? On-call?

  • Why recommend Shayne to Amazon (unregistered)

    That's not an honorable way to do business.

  • thegoryone (unregistered)

    I've said it before, PHP is not inherently bad. PHP developers, however...

    Disclaimer: Am PHP developer.

  • Sandman (unregistered) in reply to thegoryone

    "PHP is not inherently bad" IIIII don't know about that... I've ready plenty of blogs that say otherwise and then go into detail to support such claims.


  • Not Modern PHP (unregistered)

    PHP has come a very long way in the last five years, so a lot of those older articles aren't necessarily accurate anymore.

    The real problem with PHP is that anyone can do it, without any kind of training or even peer review, and then claim to be a dev of X years.

    Most of the world's Shaynes jump between companies so regularly that their mistakes haven't been uncovered yet when their last company is giving them a glowing reference for their next contract. Most of these guys don't even know they're doing anything wrong.

  • PHP Developer (unregistered)

    Most PHP-bashers ingest too much hype. If you can't program well, the language is irrelevant. But....PHP is like VB in that it make NON-PROGRAMMERS appear like programmers. The PHP nay-sayers just sound like Microsoft developers to me. If all you know is Microsoft, there is no room for you on my team.

  • Sobsz (unregistered)

    When can we expect a follow-up, if at all?

  • Simon (unregistered)

    Well, the problem with PHP is simple - it's easy to learn. So where more difficult languages attract ingenious idiots, PHP gets the "just plain moron" variety...

  • Ron Fox (google)

    All this explains why I've been getting free stuff from Amazon ;-)

  • toolman83 (unregistered)

    uhh, are you sure he didn't work at Amazon? in '99 or '00 they had that exact problem with partner sellers (no validation of price), you could (with a bit of manipulation), create an order from a non Amazon source, go to the confirmation page set the price to $1, pay the $1, Amazon would report "paid" to the seller who would then ship the order.

    Never abused it when I found out, but was tempted... (could have had a bunch of PS2s & plasma screens... or, you know, jail time)

  • Trolled (unregistered)

    PHP nowadays is actually pretty good as a language.

    And this is the last place where I'd expect PHP shaming, as at least this particular website provides more than enough proof that braindead code is written in all languages available to man.

  • Ulysses (unregistered)

    PHP is the internet equivalent of Microsoft's command shell: something that should be put out of its misery and redesigned. Worse, PHP almost makes you think it wants you to write exploitable code.

  • code monkey (unregistered)

    One of the problems with PHP is the documentation.

    I remember seeing something in the official docs - how to insert into the database which should have been called: how to write an sql injection vulnerability

  • (nodebb) in reply to Why recommend Shayne to Amazon

    I'm thinking that bit was just a TDWTF embellishment.

  • Matthijs (unregistered) in reply to code monkey

    Except, that was a very, very long time ago. The MySQL functions have all been deprecated for a while now, precisely because they made SQL injection vulnerabilities so easy.

    I mean, you can still do it, but the examples for the up-to-date functions are actually pretty solid.

    And even back when they gave blatantly bad examples, that was still more than you could say for many other languages. The PHP documentation has long been one of it's most valuable resources in my opinion, because it is well written, gives plenty of examples for just about every one of the thousands of functions, and it will redirect you to related alternative functions, especially in cases where you would be better off using those other functions.

  • foxyshadis (unregistered) in reply to Ulysses

    Since PHP6/7 and PowerShell are the standard now, I guess they took your advice?

  • trailmax (unregistered)

    TRWTF is that Shayne did not get the job back... well, and PHP of course!

  • Ashley Sheridan (unregistered) in reply to foxyshadis

    Erm, there's no such thing as PHP6... :P

  • Joey Starrett (unregistered)

    Shayne! Come back, Shayne!

  • Ulysses (unregistered) in reply to foxyshadis

    Uh no. PHP7 is an improvement, nowhere near the cleanup it badly needs. The legacy MS command shell has not been put out of its misery. In fact it's still the default and the only thing many people are even aware of. Not to mention most are fool enough to still call it DOS.

  • Triggered (unregistered) in reply to Ulysses

    Uh, you ARE aware Microsoft's Windows is not originally meant for use in neither development nor system administration, right? The command shell you mention is a very old system used to manage/fix/operate the Windows of its day. The reason they never took it out is because you don't need your Windows 10 users to gut their systems and roll in scripts. If you don't like it - take Linux, you know - the OS that is actually MADE for things like this and leave the home entertainment OSes to be home entertainment, don't bash them because you expect them to be server managers.

    And, btw, just because "most people" are only aware of that shell that isn't any argument against it, but rather against the people.

  • Ulysses (unregistered) in reply to Triggered

    It doesn't matter what it was originally meant for. It's been the de-facto business OS for a very long time. They never took it out because it's verboten at MS to break anything less than 20 years old. Instead they tacked things onto the monstrosity, and the bottom line has changed little, just as with PHP. It is their fault that they don't discourage, and probably manage to encourage, use of the legacy shell.

  • Axel (unregistered) in reply to Joey Starrett

    "Shayne? Shayne? Don't come back, Shayne!"


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