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    Aww, the imgur link is dead. Good on ya, Internet...

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    If you're in favor of this brand of "neutrality" you should also be in favor of:

    Getting rid of carpool lanes. Forbidding grocery stores to have "express" checkout stands. Forbidding Disney parks from letting people pay extra to skip lines. Requiring that the public be allowed to use private roads. Removing all toll booths. Forbidding businesses with warehouses in your city from delivering goods to your home faster than businesses with warehouses only in other cities.

    Internet service monopolies are only a problem in places where that monopoly is enforced either via explicit regulation or via the government handing big subsidies to the existing provider so they don't have to actually compete. The solution is to quit giving preferential treatment to bad actors, and reduce the hurdles for new entrants into the market, not to implement a pile of extra rules that will ensure only the largest players can compete.

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